tables & chairs

We offer table rentals in round, rectangle, and high-top styles. Choose from elegant Chiavari chairs available in two colors: Silver and Gold.  All tables and chairs can be rented and delivered to your chosen location. 


Transform your event with our vibrant linen covers in various colors and styles! From tables to napkins our team brings your venue to life, delivering decorations and linen covers directly to your location.

prop decorations

Make your big day truly unique with our extensive collection of captivating props. We pay meticulous attention to every detail, going above and beyond to provide distinctive rental props that set your event apart. From the uncommon to the extraordinary, we offer a range of options to ensure your celebration is adorned with one-of-a-kind details that leave a lasting impression. We also have the option to deliver our rental props to wherever your event may be!

center pieces

Enrich the beauty of your event with our stunning centerpieces featuring floral arrangements and gold trees designed to match the color scheme of your special day. To create a warm and enchanting atmosphere, we include small battery-powered candles as a delightful addition to the centerpiece. Our centerpieces are available for rent, and we're delighted to deliver them directly to you, ensuring a seamless and elegant touch to your event decor. Elevate your tables with our exquisite arrangements, adding a touch of sophistication and charm to your celebration.

chargers and silverware

Elevate your party's style with our diverse range of charger plates, available in various colors and styles to suit your theme. Choose from an array of colored goblets and champagne glasses to add a touch of sophistication to your event. We offer a variety of options to ensure your table settings reflect the perfect aesthetic for your celebration. Ask about the colors we have available to rent out to you! Colored goblets truly make a big difference to decorating your party!


Elevate your event décor with our illuminated large prop letters and numbers, adding a luminous touch to any celebration. Whether it's graduations, quinceañeras, weddings, birthdays, or more, these lighted letters are the perfect finishing touch. We also offer balloon decoration services to complement the lighting and complete the overall ambiance. If our venue is booked for your desired day, worry not – we can deliver these enchanting elements directly to you!


Enhance the charm of your event with our exquisite welcome and seating signs that guests will absolutely adore. Our creations reflect meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a memorable experience for all. We understand the importance of matching details to your event's color scheme, and we are more than happy to customize our welcome and seating signs to complement your unique style. Your event is special, and we believe every detail should harmonize to create a cohesive and enchanting atmosphere.


Transform your event space with our versatile pipe and drape rentals, ideal for concealing unflattering wall colors or creating an elegant ambiance. Whether you aim to enhance the aesthetic appeal or conceal specific elements, our pipes and drapes are the perfect solution. Choose from tall or short options to suit the needs of special weddings or commercial events. Elevate your venue and design a refined atmosphere that complements the style and theme of your occasion.